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June 3rd, 2015

Under K for King in concert!

June 20th we will give a very rare concert at De Walrus in Groningen. Join us for a rare night of UK4K music! Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

FLYER Live Gig

March 3rd, 2015


Just like a professional band we had the need for press-release-worthy photos! So we asked Piet van der Veen (pietvdveen.nl) to take a few pics, and we couldn't be more happy with them.

Check them out on our bio page!

november 14, 2014:

Trip Kings album cover and download via iTunes.

Here you go, this is the album cover of our latest album.

Cover Trip Kings

Under K for King is super proud to announce their latest album called Trip Kings! After six years spending countless hours recording and tweaking we think we came up with a worthy set of songs to combine into Under K for King's seventh album. This is the first album with Pascal Touset on keys and it made a huge, positive difference. Although we literally have hundreds of song-ideas laying around, we carefully selected songs that fit together nicely. We are quite pleased with the end result and we hope you like it too.

Special thanks go out to Eric de Jong for playing bass on 'Vertigo makes you spin' and 'Noah', and Danny Vinkes for playing bass on 'Sarah', 'Little honey bee' and 'Sweet as wine'. Finally we would like to thank Alpha Gem studios for mastering our album. They really did an excellent job and made our album sound very professional.

Listen to Trip Kings using your favourite music streaming service

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november 8, 2014:

Finally! UK4K's new album coming up!!

After years and years of waiting, it's finally there: a new album from Under K for King. But, though we say so ourselves, it has been worth the wait. Twelve brand new songs, in the grand tradition of UK4K's exciting and meaningful music.

This time we had the help of our new member: Pascal Touset. He brought in some wonderful new spirit to the music. Also hats off to the two bass players who laid down some groovy bass tracks, Eric de Jong and Danny Vinkes.

We love our new album and we sure do hope you'll love it too. Soon we'll release the album and you'll be able to stream our music through iTunes, Spotify and more. We'll keep you posted.

august 24, 2008:

UK4K gig huge succes!

On the 23d of august Under K for King held a once in a lifetime gig to celebrate 10 years of music as well as the release of Time to play, our latest album.
We want to thank everybody who came and listened to our performance! Thanks alot!

For a bit of afterfun and for history's sake: visit our music page, where you'll find a couple of songs we performed in the Aabc Cafe.

may 18, 2008:

Release party!

To celebrate the release of our new album, Under K for King will throw a release party at the Aabc Danscafe in Groningen. The launch party will be at 23rd of August, 2008. Besides playing old and new songs, UK4K will be celebrating a decade of well... UK4K music by performing live!!

Don't miss it!


(click picture for larger view)

may 12, 2008:

Download new album

There it is! Our new album. And we're very proud of it. We think we've made another step in making meaningfull, enjoyable, exciting music. But ofcourse it is for you to find out yourself.
So go ahead and download. And enjoy.

april 26, 2008:

Hold your breath!

You can hold your breath now, our next album is about to be released. The music itself is done, but now we're working on the cover, the website (you don't say) and our upcoming tour. "Tour!?", we hear you say. Yes, TOUR. Of exactly 1 gig :) Anyway, we're really excited about our latest effort and want to make sure that anybody that wants to download it or provide feedback will be able to do so before releasing the album. Speaking of which, if you have any suggestions where to promote our music, feel free to show us the way.

feruary 08, 2008:

New year, new album (on its way)!

It's the year 2008 and definitely time for UK4K to release some new exciting music!
Alas, we are not yet ready to say time and date of the new release, but it will not be for too long. Keep an eye on our site to see when the releaseparty will be planned and consider yourself invited.
Untill then, enjoy some of our old - but still brilliant (;-)) stuff!

february 16, 2007:

New site!

Welcom to the site of Under K for King, the band with more characters in its name than fans in the world. Here you can download all our music. For free (but you're welcome to donate).

Please browse the other pages as well, to find the music (music), the history of the band (bio) and how you can reach us (contact).

And check us out on myspace: myspace.com/underkforking

December 14, 2005

Diary of an inquiring mind!

It's here! We're back! The top dogs are on top of their game again. Christmas comes with tons of audiological goodies this year. Sit back, relax and enjoy the new and improved sound of the band with the lowest ratio airplay/albums. Cherish the thought that you're one of the lucky few that downloaded these little gems. The title of the new album is called 'Diary of an inquiring mind' and it has a theme! Please share our music with as many people as you can, since that is our aim (besides the pleasure of making the music).

What can you expect from us in the near future? Sit down before you fall over from amazement: A mindboggling album cover (although we abandoned CDs/DVDs ourselves eons ago), a graphically stunning website and live performances that make you dance untill your booty drops. In the meantime we'll be writing and recording new material. The process never stops. The reason that the music is available before the cover is that we're so excited about our music that we couldn't wait to share it with the rest of the world. Please let us know what you think of it.

June 18, 2005

No worries mate!

Maybe you're thinking, "what the hell is UK4K doing? I haven't heard anything from them since LP came out". We say, "no worries, mate!". We dedicate all our free time to our next album of which the working title is 'Diary of an inquiring mind'. Expect some mindboggling tunes at the end of this year!

December 5, 2004

New album: LP!

We're on schedule! An album a year, that's a decent goal we think. Our new album called 'LP' is out and we hope you like it. Get it here (for free as usual).

February 21, 2004:


As you can see below it's been a while since the last news from Under K for King, and that's an understatement. But we're back to fill out the promise made below; we just released our latest album 'Room'. Go the music section to find out why we're so excited and let us know what you think!

May 2, 2001:

Thank you for visiting the home of Under K for King!

Currently Under K for King is in a state of flux! The drummer (Hayo) has moved to New Zealand (the exact opposite site of the world seen from the Netherlands), the bassist (Douwe) moved to another town (The Hague), same goes for the second guitarist (Hielke). The only ones left are the singer (Ystvan), me, myself and I. BUT...do not worry. I'm currently busy learning to put my computer skills to use as a digital musician! Ystvan will have its lyrics ready I bet ya!

We will continue to work under the name 'Under K for King' because we always felt it stands for more than just a couple of guys having fun with music. It stands for a way of expressing yourself in this age of new media technologies. And there's still lots and lots of untouched territory to uncover, so stay tuned!

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