Under K for King started off as a regular 5-men band. Then the drummer (Hayo) moved to New Zealand (the exact opposite site of the world seen from the Netherlands), the bassist (Douwe) moved to another town (The Hague), same goes for the second guitarist (Hielke). From then on Under K for King was a hard working, music loving band consisting of two (2) members. One of them singer Ystvan de Jong and the other one guitar player Berco Beute (guitarist). Both have put much effort in turning their computer skills into producing music in their own home studio in Groningen, the Netherlands.

We continued to work under the name 'Under K for King' because we always felt it stands for more than just a couple of guys having fun with music. It stands for a way of expressing yourself in this age of new media technologies.

Studiowork aside, we still felt a great urge to perform our music in stadiums, packed with people, volume turned up to 11. We started to look for musicians who could complement our feel for music and were ready to take the stage with us. And lo and behold, in came Pascal Touset, master of keys. With him we took our half finished songs to the next level. And that resulted in our latest album ‘Trip Kings’. Again filled with eclectic music ranging from hard rock to country, back to soul and funk, as with the other albums we produced, it provides everything the real music lovers need. Check the music out on the music page.




All photos by Piet van der Veen (pietvdveen.nl)

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