Under K for King

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Click to download full resolution cover
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Another installment of the continuing saga of the legend of Under K for King. This time including a Christmas hit single! Make no mistake, though, this is yet another album chockfull of ass-kicking rhythms, soulful melodies and highly original instrumentation. This album was completely played, recorded, mixed, produced and engineered by Ystvan & Berco in their small home studio. Same goes for the artwork. We really hope you like our music, let us know anyway via our guestbook.

This album includes a Christmas song, 'Tuck my beard', which can be downloaded separately by clicking this line.

Tracklist :

1. Kazoo
2. TV toe
3. Rename
4. Hijg
5. Slow but fast
6. Everybody in my neighborhood
7. DJ Triestook
8. Get over it
9. Funky 2
10. Faster faster
11. Disco Bob
12. Issues
13. What'll it take (to bring you down)
14. Tuck my beard

We don't offer separate downloads for each track since we believe that you need to listen to the complete album to understand what Under K for King is all about.




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