Under K for King


After Douwe, Hielke and Hayo left the band Ystvan & Berco continued the legend of Under K for King by setting out to create an album within the small space of one room. That's right, it has been completely produced within an area of 3x4 meter. Composing, recording, mixing, mastering, all in the same room. Even the cover art and this website were made in the same room. That's, partly, why the name. Although it sounds different from the other albums there definitely is that good ole UK4K vibe thing goin' on. Check it out yourself!

Tracklist :
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1. Bongobong
2. A dread at the counsil
3. Cover cover
4. Dialogue
5. We2
6. Future Disco
7. Hiphopious
8. Kid B
9. Move your body
10. Pretty boy from Munich
11. Slow cracker
12. Tomorrow today
13. Saturday
14. Long bow

We don't offer separate downloads for each track since we believe that you need to listen to the complete album to understand what Under K for King is all about.




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